Utilis. The best multipurpose bot for any server complete with levelling, moderation and more

Utilis is a multi-purpose bot ready to server in your Discord Server!

Features of Utilis

We provide you the best features for your server with Utilis!


Keep your server safe and under control with Utilis Moderation Feature. The Moderation Feature offers many Moderation Commands like Ban, Kick, Lock, Mute, Slowmode, and MORE!.
auto mod

Auto Mod

Keep your server safe even when you aren't there with Utilis Auto Mod. The Auto Mod feature offers link and swear word protection. More info here on the documentation


Keep your server entertained with Utilis Fun Feature. The Fun Feature is a collection of fun commands like Hug, Cat, Dog, Avatar, Coinflip, Jumble, and MUCH MORE!


Giving your users a way to find info and random things using Utilis Utility Feature. This Feature consist of Commands like Ping, SI, UI, Stats, Data, Remind, Say, and Help. More coming soon!


Let your server see how many messages they sent in the form of XP with Utilis Level Feature. This feature has commands like LB and Rnak. Have fun leveling up!


Give your server a way to experience the real world with Utilis Economy. This feature has many commands including Daily, Weekly, Bal, Fish, Profile, Shop, Buy, Sell, and Many More!


What to make a Giveaway in your server but don’t want a lot of bots in your server? Utilis has a very nice Giveaway System that was custom made and does not use a package.

Welcome System

Greet your new users as they join with Utilis Welcome Feature. Utilis has a highly customizable and easy to use Welcome System. Only 6 commands! Says Welcome and Farewell.


Keep your server safe and protected using Utilis Verification. This system uses a one time code that can only be used by the user who ran ()verify. Use verifyrole create, @role to setup.


Let your server staff see what mod/admin commands have been used using modlogs, message logs too, user logs, server logs, channel logs like channel creation, and MORE!
Server Bumping

Server Bumping

Need to advertise? Utiis can bump your server to other servers. I've never seen a Multi-purpose Bot that has server bumping. Have you? Commands can be found on the documentation.


Increase the enjoyment and unlock cool features with Utilis Premium. The special thing about Utilis Premium is that it doesn’t cost any actual money! It uses your Eco Point!!!!


Guilds: 35
Users: 100307
Channels: 1164
Status: online
Commands: 157
API Latency: 30ms